Livestock Veterinary Device

Load Cell Kit


Loadcell Kit XH02 (Set of 4) #826907

The XHD2 load cell system is ideal for permanent installations under large cattle crushes/chutes where there is high usage. The system includes four 2,500lb (1,136 kg) load cells with a total capacity of 10,000lb (4,500 kg). Designed for harsh environments the system is protected to prevent moisture and corrosion damage. Rugged strong and durable construction for extreme installations. Plug and play factory calibrated with most Tru-Test scale indicators span calibration may be required on older indicator models. Cable connectors wire joiners inside the Junction Box allow good wire contact and quick setup. Plated and sealed load cell protects against moisture and corrosion damage in harsh environments. Optional mounting bracket allows for fast and easy installation with various types of equipment (i.e. cattle chutes, large platforms)

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