Prozap Fly-Die GPS

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PROZAP Fly-Die GPS is a ready-to-use insect repellent in a one gallon jug that can be applied directly on animals or sprayed outdoors. It controls cockroaches, spiders and ants for 60 days when used as a spot spray and also kills and repels flies, mosquitoes and gnats when applied directly to the animal. Wave goodbye to pests keeping your livestock down with this permethrin. Prozap Fly-Die Permethrin is in aqueous base for equine, cattle, goats, hogs, sheep, dogs, poultry, and premise. Simple to apply, this permethrin also targets gnats, lice and more. Add Prozap’s permethrin to your gear today. Do not use in commercial food/feed handling establishments, restaurants or other commercial facilities where food is commercially prepared, processed, served or stored. Do not use in institutions, schools, office buildings or similar commercial buildings.

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